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     Warmwater: $7.00 per inch.*
     Coldwater: $9.50 per inch.*
     Saltwater: $15.00 per inch.*
     *($110.00 minimum)
    (Skin Mounts when available for given species)
     Fiberglass Reproductions:  $11.00 per inch.
All fiberglass mounts subject to mold availability.

Small Mammals:
     Squirells: $100.00*
     Mink: $140.00*
     Weasel: $125.00*
     Raccoons: $200.00*
     Foxes, coyotes and bobcats available, but priced on an
     individual mount by mount basis.
     All are available sold to you complete.  I can obtain any of
     the above mentioned small mammals at relatively modest prices.  
     Contact me for individual animal availability.
     *  Habitat scenes and bases extra

     Deer: $300.00
     Pronghorn: $300.00
     All other animals quoted on mount by mount basis.